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    Complete your personal info and invite roommates.


    Apply to rent one
    or more apartments (with same or different roommates)


    Home Sweet Home

    Fill out the application once, and you can re-use it for your next move. That is, after you update anything that's changed (e.g. you should let us know about that recent promotion).

    What You'll Need

    Note that you don’t need everything listed below to get started. Oneleaseapp is designed to make it easy to complete your info over more than 1 visit, bouncing between your computer, tablet, and mobile device. In order to expedite the submission of the application once you’ve chosen a rental unit, we recommend completing as much information as possible in advance.

    • Drivers license or other Government Issued Identification
    • Social Security Number
    • Current address and landlord or mortgage holder contact information
    • Names, phone numbers and email addresses for all occupants age 18 and over
    • Job information including contact to verify employment
    • Other income information, if applicable.
    • Pet information
    • Vehicle Information

    After you decide on your apartment, you’ll also need:

    • Apartment Community Name
    • Apartment Number
    • Building Number (if applicable)
    • Bedrooms/Bathrooms
    • Approximate Square Footage
    • Monthly Rent amount
    • Quote reference number (if applicable)
    • Any options you want such as storage or reserved parking
    • (subject to availability)
    • Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card information.

    Currently, Oneleaseapp is unable to process your online rental application if:

    • You don’t have a credit or debit card available to pay the amount due with your application
    • You plan to use a Section 8 voucher, VASH voucher, or other vouchers.
    • You are applying for a Tax Credit unit
    • You are applying to a privately owned rental unit (typically any rental unit other than a professionally managed apartment community)
    • You are applying for a rental unit outside of the metro Atlanta area
    • In some instances, Oneleaseapp is unable to process your rental application if a co-signor or guarantor is required for approval.
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