About Us

About Us

At Oneleaseapp, we’re consumer experience people. From mobile and desktop websites to phone, email and text, consumer experience design and execution is our central focus. The company’s Founder & CEO, Lee Pritchard, has previously started or acquired and effectively scaled 3 leading consumer service businesses. The businesses – Allconnect, PROMOVE, and Appliance Warehouse -- all focus on attracting and serving consumers during a relocation event and each one has played a part in transforming the relocation experience. Like Oneleaseapp, the most recent 2 are technology enabled consumer service businesses.

With our extensive interactions with renters at PROMOVE, we’ve had a front row seat to see how frustrating and time consuming the lease application process can be….so we decided to transform it.

Lee Pritchard, Founder & CEO. Lee has served as CEO of PROMOVE since 2004. PROMOVE is a full service consumer apartment locator that handles over 10% of Atlanta’s apartment leasing transactions. Lee led the company through the major transition from an in-store service experience to an online service experience supported by contact center apartment experts. Prior to PROMOVE, Lee founded Allconnect in 1997 and served as its CEO and/or Executive Chairman until 2004. He remains an active board member. Allconnect helps consumers select and order utility, communications, and other home services when moving into a new home or apartment. The Allconnect marketplace currently reaches over 10% of the US Move Market. The Oneleaseapp and Allconnect models have several similarities: (1) transforming time consuming, frustrating tasks into an efficient and convenient experience at no cost to the user, (2) collecting information one time and electronically transmitting it to multiple parties, and (3) maintaining security of customer data that includes sensitive personal and payment information. Lee began his career in public accounting, spending seven years with Arthur Andersen & Co. before leaving to start Appliance Warehouse, which was sold to a public company in March of 1997 and today remains in its industry leading position.

Angela Nash, Founder & President. Angela joined PROMOVE in 1994 as a commissioned salesperson and advanced on a fast track, becoming President of the company in 2001. She designed and implemented most of PROMOVE’s key consumer experience processes, systems, and reporting, including the proprietary renter CRM and property manager CRM. She oversaw the modification of those systems as we transitioned from an in-store service experience to an online – contact center service experience. Angela is currently responsible for managing over 100 employees. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte with a BS in Business Administration.

Matt Rice, Manager of Marketing & Tech. Matt joined PROMOVE in 2013 and oversees our software development, network support, and telephony teams as well as digital marketing and data warehouse functions for both Oneleaseapp and PROMOVE. Matt is the young one….that’s why is paragraph is shorter than Angela’s, and also why Angela’s is shorter than Lee’s.

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